Eternal wars
Date 500,000AV to OAV
Location Mirkulea
Result Mirkuleon victory
Mirkuleon confederacy Udroin Kingdoms
The Eternal Wars were a series of evolutionary struggles between the Mirkuleon and the now extinct Udroin species in the Northern central lands. The conflict lasted for roughly half a million years and it greatly effected the evolution and culture of the Mirkuleons, leading them to become warlike and obessive over strength and their own superiorty over other species. The Udroins due to the war went extinct. The first Mirkuleon empire was founded by Kevousalar the victor after the war was won by him and the Cheiftain of the Wolfborn clan Auchdratiokie in OAV. However a powerstruggle between the two cheiftains led to the Mirkuleon civil war later on.


Cause of the war

The war was an evolutionary struggle as opposed to conventional war. The Mirkuleons and the Udroins were competing against each other for land and water in the harsh polar enviorment. Most of the war and its early origins were left up to myth and legend as the two species became more advanced as the war went on. This led to various religious and pseudo-scientific theories the most popular being among the Udroins was that the Mirkuleons were demons sent by the devil to enslave and kill them. Whilst the Mirkuleons believed that they were superior to the Udroins and thus it was their right to conquer them.

By the time of Kevousalar, the Mirkuleon clans had formed their first nation called the Mirkuleon confederacy which was formed in 16000BV. Kevousalar 

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