Etienne War is a hypothetical conflict, which has been speculated for few months. It would be based on War of Double Independence, Bexhasi-Ardenjostan War and Bexhasi Civil War of 2006.


The government of Gantuma has had good relations with the military regimé of Bexhas, and when the latter had to flee the Bexhasi capital, Gantuma started to support it financially. Tensions are growing between Gantuma and Ardenjost. At present, the support is limited, but Gantuma has still extra resources to wage war.


Currently, Ardenjost has a protection pact with Cuopio and Cardoby. Similarly, Gantuma is allied with Leivätima and Jassa. It is also speculated, that Yunnava might enter the war on either side.

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