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European Alliance flag
The European Alliance
Motto United in diversity
Political data
Governmental form
Founding document Congress of Geneva
Constitution Primary Codes
Ruler Akatsuki Ousawa, from Hagure Yuusha no Estetica's realm.
Executive branch First Lord
Legislative branch High Council
Judicial branch Ministry of Justice
Military EAAF
Societal data
Alignment Lawful Good
Archetype Diplomats
Core galaxy Crown Cloud
Capital world Goacarro
Capital city Flamemere
Currency Europin
Notable for

- Cultural and traditional sophistication
- Involvement in extra-universal affairs
- Pan-multiversal superpower

Population in prime universe 989,420 x Googolplex
Size Omniverse
General data
Tier level Tier 1+
Kardashev Scale Tier III to borderline V, randomly
Location From Central to Westward EUROPA
Current status Expanding. Consolidating.

The European Alliance, officially known as United Alliance of the Unified European Sphere, commonly known as Europia or the Alliance, is a star nation in EUROPA, composing their main territories in Central-Westward EUROPA and colonial interests spanning across known space. The EUROPA territories, known by many as Metropolitan Europia, faces several civilizations and empires across their borders on South-Southeastward, South-Southwestward, Westward to Eastward space, while bordering unknown space on the North; divided and governed by the core and their 27 constituent marches. Europian extra-universal territories are mostly dependencies, thus retain much of their autonomy, in similar manner with ancient British Empire, ranging from client-states, vassal nations to colonial settlments and outposts. The court of the First Lord is located in Flamemere, Europian capital city; while the majority of most populous star systems located across Westward space. Notably galaxies including the Sirius, the Aquila Odysseus, the Hemithea Cloud, and the Proioxis Galaxy - where a deep underground base linked to The Hands was found - as well as various more.

Underwent several re-incarnations through history, in contemporary time, the Europia stands as a behemoth conglomeration of civilizations and star polities and the largest in EUROPA, with more than 8,150 sedecillions star systems and galaxies - not counting other megastructures. Before long, the Europia is well-known as a liberal melting port for countless civilizations.

Despite being one of the oldest in known space, excavations had showed that many of Europian core systems once held much older species. The star system of Oriana was one of those first colonized by the Europia from Earth that still has records. The Alliance itself, in time immemorial back on Earth, formed when a reformed and revitalized EU absorbed all European sovereign nations, minus Northern British Isles, Greenland, Nordic countries and Benelux nations which formed the Commondality, and Western Russia. During early expansion times, the Alliance expanded Eastward-Southward. By the start of 10th century UE, Fourth Era, worlds directly spanned from Crown Cloud to 1500+ parsec started forming the First Worlds, sometimes also called the Core Worlds. Over next millennia were the times of expanding and consolidating, with the First Worlds become the central power, taking part of Caelestra Reformation. Following the conflict with the Andromedan Invaders, the European Alliance rose into preminant superpower position throughout known space, surpassed by none, equal by few. Innitially a combination of Western European-styled representative democracy and e-democracy, the Alliance, after the Great Nael War in 12th century UE, 4th era, underwent deep reformations, transforming from confederation, self-ruled governments, to a labyrinth structure largely resemble both medieval feudal Europe and welfar state styled socialism. The waves of secessions and split-ups, largely due to lingering effects from cultural identity paranoia or much-outdated nationalistic attitudes, disrupted their rising power and disjoint their territories during much of 5th Era. Most of those that left later rejoined the Alliance, although some survived and rose into new powers in EUROPA.

In modern eras, the Europia stands as one of foremost super powers throughout not only EUROPA space, both profoundingly across all sovereign space known to men. With a massive interstellar armed forces, known for their fierce and cunning strategies, a 3rd largest economy by nominal GDP, a 4th largest by PPP, as well as a well-known reputation as a cultural, economic and advanced center in EUROPA, the Alliance stands, with their gleeming fantasy-liked cities, as a reminder of resolve and prosperity. Inherited by rich, colorful cultural history from Europe and Western Russia on Earth, coped with those of other non-human much older species, the Alliance has been continuously the home of influential figures, such as artists, philosophers, musicians, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors.

The European Alliance is an active member in cross-galaxies politics. It's been either founding members or members of several intergovernmental alliances, like the New Schengen Accord, the PEE and many more.  While most Core star systems are already post-scarcity, in overall, Europia remains capitalist, with elements from Nordic model, democratic socialism and Rhine model. Living standard and quality within Europian marches are of highest points, although income's unequality and corruptions among governments remain huge setbacks. Through eons, various Europian galaxies are cultural capitals in known space.


For Europe's history before the new age: History of Europe
Main article: Europian History

The European Alliance have their roots date back to millions years ago, from ancient Earth, making it one of the oldest surviving superpowers known to men. As one would expect from such long lasting civilization, the Alliance's history is usually said that easily filling millions to quadrillions e-libraries. From the ancient European Hegemony during earlier days after the event, to the rise among the stars, until contemporary ages, the Europian history is filled with both peaceful golden ages and mired in wars and conquered.

Pre-unity Days

What was then known much later as the sovereign nation called Europia started with the creation of European Hegemony, new alliance rose from the ashes of old European Union and the rest of the continent. The based elements for a united Europe, however, had been coined for ages, but wasn't until the chaotic time after the event, were fully manifested, slowly but surely, with the Hegemony's formation. By the time of 2030s BD, the vast majority of Europe, including European Russian part, was the Hegemony's members.

Faced off increasingly tensions with both their major allies - such as the United States - their


Main articles: Maps of the Alliance

European Alliance locates mainly across Westward to Central EUROPA space, with several star polities of Central EUROPA - notably are the Carpathia and its two vassal states Pévörösvár and Luhalivka - along Eastward space, the Marchbach, the Gänsernding and the Geneva, as well as many mid-sized star nations such as the Vatdești, the Freifingen and the Žiašín to South-Eastward to Eastward, to South-Southwestward with various interstellar polities, notably are the Komotero, the Aprina, the Coruciras or the Aliveza - which either linked to the Europia, the Lusophonia and the Italia through mutual pacts, or their client-states altogether - and several others, to the intersections of the DCF, the Royalist French and various middle, minor star powers along Westward space. Much of Northward borders face uncharted space, of which several blocs are under surveillance, subjected for many exploration. The EDFA is the primary de facto government in charge along these regions, although the EAAF starfleet also operates many stations here.

Like every other great powers along known space, the ranges of diversity of ecosystems within the Alliance are beyond measurable. From the lustful green worlds in Carina Orithyia to the dead, dried deserts of Leporis, some even compare the Alliance's territories with a mini-universe. The majority of cities in Europia are mirrored of various fantasy RPG games in ancient times. Despite being a highly advanced civilization, most of their worlds are covered in green and other nature's colors, with almost no skyscraper at all. Industrial compounds are underground, with only a tiny potion on surfaces, mostly green power plants. Notably systems scatter across Westward space, although the wealthiest ones also located on the East.


Main article: Europian astrography

European Alliance's main territories locate mostly in Westward EUROPA, dividing among the core and the commonwealth marches. Beyond the bounderies of 27 marches, the central Europian government however hold very little influences over sub-polities, with most of them are linked to the alliance through labyrinths of treaties and military pacts. By the current era, Europian empire has stretched over 9,236,105 x 103003 star systems, making them among the largest star nations known to men in contemporary times. The Alliance is one of a few among known space with the nickname of infinite empire. The Alliance's territories had fluctuated over time, due to various reasons. However, after the last war, Europian sentients have seen their territories expanded with rates never seen before, with massive plans for recovery and expansion.

The First Worlds, more commonly known as the Core, compose of star systems within 1500+ parsec from their capital galaxy, the Crown Cloud, and are the most important territories within Europian space.

First Worlds

Main articles: First Worlds, Crown Cloud, Goacarro, Flamemere


The Crown Cloud, known to local as Ara Majoris, is a middle-sized spiral galaxy, 352 parsec from the Majoris cluster of the Kecirene Quadrant. For millennia before becoming the European Alliance's central power seat, the Cloud had housed various prosperous and expansive civilisations and what was close to a united galactic culture, thus gaining its reputation being one of the most powerful, stable and influential in the Quadrant. From time immemorial, the Crown Cloud has been home for many mysterious and powerful civilizations, such as the Gifix League or the Kemra Stars Dominion, whose descendants are still a thriving member culture of the current Alliance. Currently, the Ara Majoris is the seat for the European Alliance's central power, with influences resound across several other factions, from politic to economy and culture.

Crown Cloud

Crown Cloud galaxy

The planet Goacarro serves as the Alliance's capital world. A world terraformed based on several medieval Europe's images in various "fictitious" works before, Goacarro has a temperate climate on the South, pleasant and quite humid, and largely frozen on the North.

Goacarro NR

the great world of Goacarro

With all such characters, one would argue that the planet would be a highly metropolitan world, perhaps even an ecumenopolis. In reality, they couldn't be more wrong: The planet Goacarro has long maintained such reputation for clean air, great scenery, slow and laid-back lives. All the towns and cities over the planet are filled with the atmosphere of an old, medieval-liked, fantasy-liked European and Arabian.

Flamemere NR

the capital city of Flamemere

The planet's capital city of Flamemere, where the Parliamentary Chamber located, the First Lord's private chateau located and more than half dozen of aristocrats' residences located, with streets filled with sentients from all backgrounds, all species and all kinds of cultures, is actually smaller than a "town" by Earth's European definition pre-UE. Despite the location for several hundred inter-species, inter-governmental meetings 'n conferences, the city always give off a feeling of a quite, sleepy European town in some rural areas in RPG games. Flamemere's permanent resident's number is 3 millions.

Society and Culture

Main article: European Alliance Member Races and European Alliance Culture

Europe in its ancient form is the birth place for Western civilization. As such, the empire is renown along all known space for their rich, highly diverse culture that is at most described as a series of overlapping cultures; cultural mixes exist across such small continent, yet ultimately affect almost all of the Earth. For centuries until the unification, the numerous European countries have continuously been hubs for literary, artistic or philosophic themes and have since spread across the world & into space itself. Before long, there are cultural innovations and movements, many are at odds with each others.

Such traditions were carried on by the Alliance when expanding into deep space, giving birth to some of the most famous cities in prime universe, such as the capital Flamemere, the New Geneva or the Nova Roma. Other notable cities including Rome, Berlin or Vienna, which remained important major global centers until the abandonment of Earth. Due to such influences & aspects, the Alliance has been a surprise impression for many much-older great civilizations in known space, such as the Forerunner's Ecumene or the First Ones, in many cases endearing mankind to these pan-universe giants.

Over the course of several millennia expanding and absorbing other species, pseudo-human or non-humanoid, there can be no longer a clear definition of what a Europian would be. While some might argue that the common culture and identity of the Alliance's citizens are largely based on Western and Central Europe, they couldn't be more wrong: Various species co-exist in the Alliance peacefully have their cultures date back to countless years before even the dawn of mankind's civilization. Their cultural effects are still soundly reasonated across the Alliance's sovereign space.

Given such immersely large number of races among the Alliance, it wouldn't be surprise to see a wide variety of different outlooks, beliefs, or cultural backgrounds. There are, however, many common threads. Within First Circle's societies, there's a commone self-absorbed attitude among. While cultural exchanges and cross-species relationships are common, a major of sentients simply do not bother what happen outside their borders. There's a common belief that they're the shiny civilization's pinnacles, and those who do not in them are either subordinates at best and barbarians at worse. In a sense, such belief is a lot more similar to those of European nations during 17th to early 20th century CE, right before WW I.


Main article: Europian Government;
Akatsuki Ousawa NR 2

Chancellor Akatsuki Ousawa

The Alliance is a confederation, operating as a self-policing interstellar council and feudal, European-styled conglomeration of multi-species systems and civilizations. In ancient Earth terms, the European Alliance could be sum up as constitutional aristocracy and feudal (both elective and hereditary) monarchy, largely resemble both old German Empire, Holy Roman Empire and Swiss Confederation. An aristocratic system, with European nobility titles, is also exist.

The First Lord is the supreme ruler, holding formidable power over the entire empire. In practice, however, the First Lord rarely execute his/her power, usually rule through compromises and consensus which endear them to the public. The First Lord isn't the Commander-in-Chief for the EAAF, but has the ability to call upon them.

European Alliance Palace

The Unification Palace, seat of the Alliance's highest ruling body

The current government was reformed in 3rd era, when 1st Civil War broke out, by First Lord Galmr Ecgmund, to a more well-organized & stronger ruling body. However, current First Lord Akatsuki Ousawa would be the one that led the Alliance into its new height, especially after the devastating pan-universe war, becoming once again one of the greatest multiversal superpowers, respected throughout all known space. The Constitution adopted in 2058 CE, is the foundation for the Alliance. Outlining all rights & choices of all individuals & citizens participation in public affair, it divided the power of government between the Alliance & its members, as well as regulates certain matters relating to the empire's politics.


Based off Spore - United Republic of Cyrannus, Battlestar - Thirteen Colonies, Battletech - Federated Suns, and many more.... as well as some hypothetical European Federation versions.

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