European Armed Forces
Western European Federation soldiers on dirt bikes
WEF soldiers on patrol
Founded January 20, 2001
Service branches European Army
European Air Force
Western European Navy
Special Air Service
Headquarters Paris, European Federation
Commander-in-Chief Bernd Dominik
Military age 17 - 40
Conscription No
Available for
military service
3,213,212, age 17 - 40 (2012)
Fit for
military service
3,213,212, age 17 - 40 (2012)
Reaching military
age annually
822,121 (2012)
Active personnel 1,695,122
Reserve personnel 2,355,485
Deployed personnel N/A
Budget €549.4 billion
Percent of GDP 11.2%
The European Armed Forces or the EAF is the official armed forces of the European Federation. It was founded January 20, 2001, after the armies of the member states unified to form the military. The President of the European Federation is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, while the Minister of Defense is second-in-command of the armed forces. The Minister of Defense is the only government official who has the authorization to use the WEF's nuclear and fusion arsenal.