Eusko Aireko Indar
EAI 01
Coat of Arms of Eusko Aireko Indar.
Founded 1936
Country Euskadi
Size 29,000 Professional men and women
xxx Aircraft
Part of Euskadiko Indar Armatuak
CoEAI Lt. General Josu Uribe Aranda
Commander-in-Chief Lehendakari Arantxa Mendizabal Arrate

The Eusko Aireko Indar (EAI) is the air branch of Euskadiko Indar Armatuak. The infrastructure of the EIA includes eleven airbases, four control and reporting centres and two training centres.


The basic organization of the Eusko Aireko Indar is the following:

  • Eusko Aireko Indar Headquarters (EIA-HQ)
  • Europa and Caribe EIA Headquarters (EIA EC-HQ)
  • Africa EIA Headquarters (EIA AF-HQ)

Operative structure

The usual operative unit is the wing, composed by two or three squadrons each one of which is integrated by 10 to 20 airplanes.


Combat Wings

  • C101 Air Wing
    • C101-1 Squadron: 15 F-16
    • C101-2 Squadron: 15 F-16
    • C101-3 Squadron: 15 F-16
    • C101-4 Squadron: 15 F-16
    • C101-5 Squadron: 15 F-16
  • C103 Air Wing
  • C104 Air Wing
  • C105 Air Wing

Transport Wings

Helicopter Wings

Early Warning and Control Wing

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