Eusko Itsas Gudarostea
EIG COA Modern01
Eusko Itsas Gudarostea CoA'.
Founded 1936
Country Euskadi
Size 47,000 Professional men and women
115 Ships including auxiliary and patrol ships
64 Landing crafts
90 Combat Boats
XYZ Aircraft of the Fleet Air Wing
Part of Euskadiko Indar Armatuak
EIG-Buru Admiral Koldo Ortiz de Zárate Imaz
Commander-in-Chief Lehendakari Arantxa Mendizabal Arrate

The Eusko Itsas Gudarostea (often abbreviated as EIG) is the branch of Euskadiko Indar Armatuak responsible for naval operations. The navy also includes the Coast Guard functions.

The Eusko Itsas Gudarostea's vessels are given the ship prefix "EEO", short for Euskadiko Errepublika Ontzi. (Ship of the Navy of Euskady).

Current Role

The current role of Eusko Itsas Gudarostea(EIG) is to protect Euskadi interests at home and abroad, executing the foreign and defence policies of the government through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic activities and other activities in support of these objectives. These objectives are delivered via a number of core capabilities:

  • Provision of at least two medium scale maritime task groups with organic air assets.
  • Delivery of the Eusko Itsas Infanteria force.
  • Maintenance of standing patrol commitments.
  • Provision of Mine Counter Measures capability to Euskadi and allied commitments.
  • Provision of Hydrographic and meteorological services deployable worldwide.
  • Protection of the Baltic Union Exclusive Economic Zone.


Since the independende, EIG has been undergoing a process of integration and modernization not only in equipment but also in their structure and organization. Since 2003 EIG has a new structure with a simple and effective organization that has an impact on improved effectiveness.

The major operational command is EIG HQ (Navy Headquarters). It is located in Getxo and all the Eusko Itsas Gudarostea units are under its command.

EIG is structured as follows:

  • EIG Fleet
  • EIG Submarine Fleet
  • EIG Air Wing
  • EIG Marine Infantry
  • EIG Special Boat Service
  • EIG Naval Schools


EIG Fleet

  • EIG Europe Task Force
  • EIG Antarctic Squadron
  • EIG Coastal Patrol Squadron
    • 14 Patrol Boat
    • 8 Patrol Boat

EIG Submarine Fleet

EIG Air Wing

  • On-board Carrier Squadron

Eusko Itsas Infanteria

  • 1st EII Brigade
  • 2nd EII Brigade
  • 3rd EII Brigade
  • 1st EII Antartic Battalion
  • EII Operazio Berezietarako Taldeak (Special Operations Group)

EIG Tactical Boat Service

EIG Naval Schools

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