Eusko Press
Type Sozietate Anonimo (SA)
Predecessor Euskadiko Informazioaren Zerbitzua (1943-1989)
Founded Bilbao, Euskadi (1989)
Founder(s) Jon Kortabarrena Zubigaray
Headquarters Bilbao, Euskadi
Area served Worldwide
Key people Iñigo Urdaneta Otaola, CEO
Industry News media
Products Wire service
Employees 440
Website http://www.euskopress.ek

Eusko Press is an Euskadi news agency created in 1989 by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The agency replaces the old Euskadiko Informazioaren Zerbitzua (Euskadi's Information Service) with the mission to give entry in the shareholding of the new company to the leading media groups in the country.

Nowadays, Eusko Press is the major multimedia news agency in Euskadi and one of the most important ones in Europe. More than 440 journalists (editors, reporters, television cameras ...) divided between national delegations and correspondents in major parts of the world work for Eusko Press.

Areas of activity

The Eusko Press group is made up of several independent limited-liability companies, built around seven areas of business:

  • Eusko Press News
  • Eusko Press Television
  • Eusko Press Articles
  • Eusko Press Comunication
  • Eusko Press Internet
  • Eusko Press Publications
  • Eusko Press.Net





April 2012

    • 13.- Rumors about the purchase of Vigor Shipyards by its U.S. subsidiary (Euskalduna North America), have triggered the stock price of Euskalduna Ontziolak SA in Bilboko Burtsa and in major world stock markets where company shares are traded. Apparently the company would be looking to launch its business on the West Coast while getting a good position to qualify for Cascadian Navy contracts. Although unconfirmed, it is believed that the total amount of the transaction would be about $150 million probably financed with a cange of shares.
    • 17- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leire Gabilondo, has traveled Cascadia to participate in the celebrations of their 8 years of independence. Although no official confirmation has given by the moment, it is expected that the minister can meet with President of Cascadia to try to support the interests of the company Euskalduna in their attempt to secure major contracts with Cascadian Navy.
    • 18.- This afternoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leire Gabilondo, has made a stop on her visit to Cascadia to provide a brief press conference at the Euskadi's embassy. The reason for the press conference is to give a first analysis of the situation created following the Allied States of America's renunciation of local legal jurisdiction over its citizens in foreign countries. "The government has long analyzing this matter and we dont want to take a hasty decision. We will formally ask the start of bilateral talks to try to reach an agreement because we want to further prolong the excellent relationships we have with ASA. However, we will not give up our sovereignty and we will study the measures we could take to prevent future problems."