Eveidde is and was the name commonly used by the Efashona people to describe the 'world' in which they live in, specifically for the planet and not the universe. This term is also used to a lesser extent by the majority of other sentient beings across many different peoples. The main sentient species include the Ziiru, Avelh, Somido and Na'wen people as named by the Ziiru Common Tongue.


Broken down, the name Eveidde consists of the word 'Evei' and the suffix 'de' used to signify an important noun such as a name. 'Evei' is derived from the words 'mother' and 'source' of the archaic Efashona language in use before the Moon War.


The planet Eveidde is much smaller and has an even lesser land area than Earth, with the oceans covering over 80% of its surface. Its much stronger sun has caused life to flourish and grow both rapidly and erratically, resulting in many strange mutations and diverse range of species at different levels. There are no discernable continents, but around eight large clusters (also known as lands) of islands and landmasses amount to the same.



The universe as we know it is estimated to be over a hundred billion years old, and the planet Eveidde shares the universe with us. Its galaxy, Ahectis, was one of the later galaxies located on the inner rim of the universe near the Lesser Sitthanic Cloud.

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