Everard University
Seal of Everard University
Motto הלורד יספק
Motto in English The Lord will Provide
Established 2008
Type Private University
Endowment $16.82 billion (as of 2013)
President Isaiah R. Taylor
Faculty 2,132
Students 45,776 (Fall 2013)
Undergraduates 28,455 (Fall 2013)
Postgraduates 17,321 (Fall 2013)
Location Everard City, Michigan, Union of Everett
Campus Rural
Mascot Black Bear
Athletics NCAA, Division I, UAA
Affiliations Episcopal Church of Everett

Everard University or commonly referred as Everard is a private research university located on North Manitou Island, Michigan on the banks of Lake Manitou inside interior of the island. It is considered one of the most prestigious schools established in the 21st century. It is one of the many colleges of Everett, and is popular internationally.

Isaiah Taylor a follower of Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer during the establishment of the Union of Everett was heavily intrested in advancing the academics of the new nation away from the elitist colleges of the Ivy League.  Taylor with the support of major industrial companies in the Midwest gained funds to start his institute on the secluded island, an estimated 17.3 billion.



Everard School of Law  

Being the main graduate school of Everard University it generates the most recognition for the school and has produced some of Everett's most prestigious lawyers and politicians. The Union Hall holds the largest private library in the world, it also hold the personal collection of Taylor. Inside Union Hall holds some of the Union of Everett's conquered enemies most prized literature, most collectibles being from from ancient Mesopotamia. Both Everett law and Common law hold space in the shelves of the law school and students are typically encouraged to learn both.

Political Activism

Within the political atmosphere of the University, those attending the Everard School of Law are typically the most politically active. With a diverse political outlook, the political rallies rang from conservative to liberal. When the Burka Ban passed the Union of Everett's Federal Assembly of States, 45 students wore black robes covering the face and eyes, all 45 was arrested and released on the 13th day after student rallies at the islands police caused massive amounts of unrest on the campus.

On Feburary 22nd, 2014 students began leading protest against bias and one-party system style of the Union of Everett, its involvement against the protesters of Ukraine. Students numbered almost 400, demanding that the escalation between the Union of Everett and the United States of America too cease. Supporters of Spencer's action countered the protesters with flags and singing the national anthem.

Cynthiana Medical 

Forming the second largest campus is the Medical School of Cynthia Little home to the universities pharmaceutical sciences, psychopathology, nursing school and doctorate. Medical research is also extremely important to the University, gaining about 30% of the schools funding. Research has ranged from searching for vaccines and cures. It's most successful developments was in the fast treatment of Cholera and Ebola patients. During the 2014 Ebola Outbreak, the campus was the main treatment facility in the nation. Graduating students must take a modified Hippocratic Oath before all of the graduating class in order to revive their certificate.

Acceptance into the medical school is perhaps the most selective, seeking those only with high morals and high academic standards. With only accepting 3% of those whom attend it makes it one of the most exclusive in the Union of Everett. The medical school also trains for free those wanting to become a physician within the Union of Everett Militant Forces.

Located with in Everett City, the Cynthiana Medical Center stands five stories tall and is the countries leading neurology, clinical psychology, surgical and radiology specialist hospital. With more then 650 faculty, the building is operated by medical students whom are in their final years of internship, giving the chance for the students to experience the daily life of a doctor or nurse.

Spencer's School of Government & Administration

Named after Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer it is the center of undergraduate studies for those seeking to earn degrees in areas of the liberal arts that relate to government, political science, civil service or management. Typically it is a entry point for undergraduate students who seek to enroll into Everard's School of Law. Located within the Spencerian Hall, its the third largest building on the campus.

Saint George's Episcopal Seminary School 

Isaiah's School of Education 


In 2013, Everard University was able to establish a national following when it won the 2013 NCAA National Tournament in a close final match in Atlanta, Georgia against the University of Louisville in a close 53-50 game, with the Everard University making a final score by Joshua Walter as a buzzer beating game, which captivated the nation of Everret into a basketball frenzy, it has been deemed one of the best national championship games every played.

Since the 2013 National Championship, the franchise has grown significantly and has grown a large following in Northern Indiana, Upper Michigan, Chicago and eastern Wisconsin.






Sierra Racial Breakdown of Population
Racial composition 1990 2000 2010
White 59.0% 51.4% 46.3%
Asian 19.6% 24.2% 26.8%
Black 7.4% 9.8% 5.2%
Native 0.8% 1.1% 1.2%
Native Hawaiian and
other Pacific Islander
- 1.0% 1.4%
Other race 13.2% 19.9% 20.1%
Two or more races - 2.4% -