The Evokar are a reptilian humanoid race native to the planet Nal Evok. Known for their disciplined and organised culture, the race was one of the last to be introduced into the Pardusian Community in 10 AD, however they had made contact with the Jarrl whilst on their first excursion to the Von Nadaa System in 29 BD, and invited them to join them on their homeworld, Nal Evok. 

The Evokar are well adapted to live in their dry and arid homeworld, and are well known for their organisational skills, aswell as their martial culture, a stark contrast to the Jarrl living alongside them on Nal Evok. Their culture has proved useful, and many Evokari find their way into becoming military commanders and personnel, particularly during the Gongin Invasion in 95 AD.



Evokari Worlds

  • Nal Evok - Homeworld
    • Nar Khutta - Habitable Moon of Nal Evok
  • Nal Najak - Colony world in the Von Nadaa System
  • Nar Gomorrah - Largest asteroid in Von Shadaa System, entirely covered by urbanisation. 

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