Ewark Zo Mel Fraen (known in Naasca as Edmond Fraen and Edmond the Foreigner), was the seventh Emir of Hezzea from 1021 to 1067, and the first King of Naasca from 1039 to 1067. He was the first son of  Emir Olmar III, and as was traditional in Hezzea, joined in his father's political circle from an early age. Ewark was noted for being wise for his age, being bookish and having a high intellect. His father had him tutored by Ezar the Wise, a famous Hezzean philosopher and scientest. Ewark began a miltary career at fifteen, leading a contingent of his father's army to expand the borders of Hezzea across the island of El-Sammon. He helped his father win the First Sammoian War (998-1012) by using small fast mobile forces of cavalry with the main infatary force. When his father died in 1021, he was crowned Emir Of Hezzea. Soon he began the Second Sammoian War, were he swiftly conquered the neigbouring kingdom of Abhad and installing a puppet Emirate in Tysanman. Ewark set his sights on the six Naascan kingdoms across the Churning Channel. Ewark conquered these kingdoms with the aid of his ally, King Harand III of Desyln, after marrying his daughter Maribelle. 

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