In dark green is Portland proper, light green regions are members of the Pact of Tualatin, an association of like-minded ciy-states, and in light blue is the Coloneldom of Columbia, an allied nation.
Official Language(s): Cascadian English (Kaskinglish)
Regional Language(s): Californio, Deseretan
Demonym: Portlandian
Merchant Republic
 - Total Population:

approximately 70,000
Currency: Buckskin

The Executive Republic of Portland, commonly called only Portland is a state located around the conflux of the Williamette and Columbia rivers. An elective republic with the gurus of the Church of the One as electors of the Chief Executive, Portland is considered an elective theocratic republic, and is also known as a city-state. As the head of the powerful Pact of Tualatin, Portland is one of the most powerful nations in the Cascadia region, with their armies containing the fabled Cascadian Pikes.

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