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Executive power in the Kingdom of Washingtonia is shared between the Monarch (currently King Randall I Washington and the President, with the balance tilting in favor of the Monarch.

List of executive functions


Main article: Constitution of the Kingdom of Washingtonia

  • Control of the Royal Washingtonian Armed Forces
    • The Monarch is the General-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces (Chap. 3 Sec. 2)
    • The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. a)
  • The Monarch has the sole authority to dissolve the Monarchy (Chap. 3 Sec. 8)
  • The President appoints and dissolves his Cabinet at his own leisure (Chap. 5 Sec. 3)
  • The President signs legislation of the Grand Assembly into law (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. b)
    • He may veto legislation from the Grand Assembly (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. c)
  • The Monarch acts as the Chief Diplomat and conducts foreign duties (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. d).
    • The President may act in the place of the Monarch if he is unavailable.
  • The President may declare war (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. e)
  • The President may sign treaties (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. f)
  • The President must reasonably and fairly execute the law (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. g)
  • The President nominates presiding officers (including the Chief Justice) to the judiciary (Chap. 5 Sec. 8 Sub. h)

Implied powers (custom)

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