The Exile of George Washington (or known simply as the Exile) refers to the events surrounding the exile of George Washington from the United States of America in 1790. Washington, who was considered the most important of America's Founding Fathers, was impeached by the US Congress on 11 July 1790 after a conspiracy by Washington and his inner circle to establish himself as King of America. After his impeachment, he attempted to wrestle control of the government from Congress by using the large amount of troops still loyal to him in a coup d'etat. The coup, however, failed. Washington's unparalleled popularity among the people essentially denied Congress the right to imprison or execute Washington, and he was subsequently exiled. He went on with approximately 3,000 of his supporters, many of them troops, and bought the Colony of Beauchemin from France on 22 February 1791, after living there for a few months. He promptly declared himself King of Washingtonia thereafter and established a dynasty that lives to this day.

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