Extension War
Date 1945-present
Location Worldwide
Result Ongoing

- Flag of the United States USA
- Flag of the United Kingdom UK
- Flag of France France
- Flag of Spain Spain
- Flag of Turkey Turkey
among others

- Flag of Fascist Canada (SWM) Canada
- Flag of Nazi Germany (SWM) GGR
- Flag of the Italian Social Republic Italy
- Flag of Romania Romania
- Flag of Hungary (1920-1946) Hungary
among others

- Flag of Soviet Union USSR
- Flag of the People's Republic of China China
- Flag of Cuba Cuba
- Flag of Vietnam VAR
- Flag of North Korea North Korea
among others
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United Nations Francis Dewgood 20px Adrian Giehl Warsaw Pact logo Vladimir Putin
The Extension War (commonly abbreviated to WWII+) is a global war that started at the end of the Second World War in 1945, and continues to date. The Extension War was so named because it is widely considered to be a mere extension of World War II which precedes it, but contrary to that war, WWII+ is considered mostly a "cold war". The major blocs at conflict with one another can be described broadly as "Fascist" forces, centered around Canada and Germany and their allies, "Progressive" forces, centered around the United States and its allies, and the "Communist" forces, centered around the Soviet Union and its allies.

The Extension War encompasses various regional conflicts, often described as proxy wars between the three blocs, however there has as a general rule not been large-scale fighting between the major powers. In fact, none of the major powers are officially at war. Almost every nation in the world is somehow involved in the war, with regional conflicts and proxy wars taking place in every theater of the planet, including Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.


Canadian occupation of Alaska

German retention of the Baltic states

Soviet discontent

Baltic Uprising (1945)

Main article: Baltic Uprising of 1945

Soviet intervention in Croatia (1945)

Main article: Partisan coup d'etat in Croatia (1945)

Detroit Incident (1951)

Main article: Detroit Incident

Namibian Uprising (1966)

Main article: Namibian Uprising of 1966

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