Eydis Stefanic
ᛖᛞᛁᛋ ᛋᛏᛖᚠᚨᚾᛁᚲ
Edis Stefanik
Eydis Stefanic (3)
6th Chairman of the Isokyrian Nororist Party
Assumed office
August 1, 2016
Preceded by Alexander White
Personal details
BornEydis Stefanic
October 4, 1979 (1979-10-04) (age 38)
Kologrid, Saufithor, Isokyria
Political partyNororist
Spouse(s)Johann Sidgurdsson (m. 2006)
Residence15 National Way, Hufo
Alma materUniversity of Hufo

Eydis Stefanic (Isokyrian: ᛖᛞᛁᛋ ᛋᛏᛖᚠᚨᚾᛁᚲ, Edis Stefanik; born October 4, 1979) is the 6th and current Chairman of the Isokyrian Nororist Party since August 1, 2016. Before becoming chairman, she served as the Minister of Finance between 2012 and 2016.

Described as a "Hardliner", Stefanic has crafted a name for herself during her time in the Isokyrian National Assembly. She entered politics at the local level, being elected to Kologrid's City Council in 2004 at the age of 25, one of the youngest councilors in the city's history. In 2008, she was elected to represent Saufithor's 5th District. She was part of a conservative coalition that advocated a return to 'traditional Nororism', namely re-structuring the economy the same way Robertsson did between the 1930s and 1950s. After four years as a representative, she was appointed to Minister of Finance where she oversaw and managed post-Recession recovery, implementing Chairman Alexander White's growth plans. From her position in the Finance Ministry, she vocalized her conservative stances which occasionally put her at odds with the 'progressive' White. She has been a vocal opponent of NordCorp and has called for its dissolution.

In 2016, White lost a motion of no confidence following a coup d'état attempt during which 11 people were killed including the coup's leader. White rejected the vote and said he would remain in office. The National Assembly selected Stefanic as his replacement and her candidacy was accepted by the Nororist Party. On July 31, White announced he would resign after all. Stefanic succeeded him as Chairman the next day and became the second woman and the second British-Isokyrian to hold the office.

Early life and education

Stefanic was born on October 4, 1979 to Inga (née Vilhjalmsdottir) and Oswald Stefanic in Kologrid, Saufithor. Her mother is ethnically Isokyrian while her father is British. Stefanic identifies as British-Isokyrian.

After completing her primary and secondary education, she moved to Isokyria's capital of Hufo to attend the University of Hufo. She spent four years studying and eventually majoring in political science. She minored in applied chemistry. After earning her degree, she returned to her hometown and briefly took a job as a secretary for a small accounting firm. There she met her future husband, Johann Sidgurdsson. She remained employed there for only about two years before accepting an offer from the University of Sauifthor to work at their Chemical Applications Laboratory, located not far from Kologrid. She accepted and worked there for two years while becoming politically active in her community.

Political career

Kologrid City Council

Stefanic successfully ran for Kologrid City Council in 2004, becoming one of the youngest councilors in the city's history at the age of 25. Her platform both during her campaign and her time in office was based on 'traditional Nororism'. She opposed the gradual economic liberalization and shift away from the national syndicalist system that had been established during the Robertsson era. She attempted to implement these ideas into practice as a councilor but was met with resistance. She successfully initiated a push to have Kologrid's electric and water company be directly managed by the city. She voted for a 1.4% city tax increase to fund the acquitssion.


After four years as a councilor, she announced she would run for the National Assembly to represent Saufithor's 5th District. She won by a comfortable margin with 57% of the vote. She once again moved back to Hufo to begin her career as a member of the Assembly.

Minister of Finance

Stefanic was appointed to Minister of Finance by Chairman Alexander White in 2012. She used this position to bring greater attention to her stances. She has criticized the creation and existence of NordCorp and in 2014, proposed it be broken up into 34 separate syndicates. This plan was rejected by the White administration. The economy saw consistent growth post-recession recovery. Her tax policy largely stayed the same as her predecessors, however she requested the Home Office to adopt recommendations for a more aggressive approach to tax evasion.


Stefanic became the second female Chairman in Isokyrian history on August 1, 2016 after Alexander White relecunantly resigned following the aftermath of the 2016 Isokyrian coup d'état attempt. Upon taking office, Stefanic reiterated her stances and promised a "strong" restoration of the national syndicalist economy.

When asked about Isokyria's policy towards LGBT individuals, Stefanic said "It is fine as is". This comment drew ire from the international community. The U.S. Department of State commented "We hope the Isokyrian government reconsiders its decades-long policy of hostility towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons."

2017 visit to the United States

On February 19, 2017, Stefanic will visit the United States to meet with President Donald Trump. She will become the first sitting Chairman to visit the U.S. She and Trump are expected to discuss trade, ISIS, Russia, and their respective countries' relations.

Personal life

Stefanic married Johann Sidgurdsson in 2006. They have one child together. When asked about her religious beliefs, Stefanic said she was an atheist.

Awards, titles, and honors

  • Flag of Isokyria Commander of the Armed Forces (2016)
  • Flag of Isokyria Dame Commander of the State of the Isokyrians (2017)
  • University of Hufo Distinguished Alumni Award (2015)
  • Christian Robertsson Award of Merit (2017)

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