"Eyu rin tu agoju", literally means "the shining pearl in the sea", is the national anthem of Rangya. The lyrics is written in the traditional form of Rangyan poems which consists of 33 syllables in five phrases of 5, 7, 9, 7, 5 syllables respectively.


The shining pearl in the sea (written in hanji and yenmun from right to left, top to bottom)

RangyaNationalAnthemLyrics Phagspa

The shining pearl in the sea (written in Phags-pa script from right to left, top to bottom)

Rangyan Romanisation English translation
Pago süt omu,
tuki ugu ta ruru,
khite tu migu iru korü.
Eyu rin tu agoju,
nono'im alpü.
People with aspiration,
beautiful mountains and rivers,
and our homeland are blessed by gods.
The shining pearl in the sea,
it shines forever.

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