surface-to-air missile
Place of origin Euskadi
Service history
In service 1999-
Used by Eusko Itsas Gudarostea
Eusko Gudarostea
Her Majesty's Navy
Production history
Designer IMSYS
Manufacturer IMSYS
Weight 170 kg
Length 3320 mm
Diameter 190 mm

Engine Solid fuel rocket
Wingspan 500 mm
>60 km
Flight ceiling 8,000 m
Speed Approx. Mach 3
All-aspect infra-red, command update fire and forget
8 or 16 cell naval version or 4 cell truck mounted land version

Ezpata (sword) is an Euskadi, vertical launch (VLS) surface-to-air missile (SAM) manufactured by IMSYS and available in infrared homing (Ezpata-IR) and radar homing version (Ezpata-R).


Ezpata-IR Mk1

Designed for all-round defence against simultaneous air attacks from multiple targets, the Ezpata-IR missile is the first vertically launched infrared-homing surface-to-air missile, also the first IR-homing missile to use lock-on-after-launch. Upon launch, the missile flies to a lock-on point, following on-board inertial navigation. The missile then activates its two-colour IR-seeker and locks on. Target updates are received via data link, enabling the missile to counter evasive manoeuvres by the target.

The Ezpata has a set of tail-mounted, aerodynamic control fins, as well as thrust vectoring vanes in the motor nozzle, allowing for 40 g manoeuvring. The system's 3-D fire-control radar enables simultaneous engagement of eight targets for the naval version. The missile uses a low-smoke propellant to avoid detection.

Extended range versions (Ezpata-ER) are in development. They will feature a rocket booster and IR or Radar seekers.

Ezpata-IR Mk2

This variant of the Ezpata-IR was recently developed for the Eusko Itsas Gudarostea. It has a more advanced seeker-head algorithms for differentiating between the target and background clutter often found in and around the Caribean archipelago. Because of the improvement in the seeker head, the newer version has a more efficient flight path allowing for an increase in range of 3km; a new maximum range of 15km.

IMSYS has stated its intention to end production of the Mk1 and continue with Mk2 version of the missile, as a part of the missile's overall growth path.


The radar-homing version's range is extended to 25km and has a higher operational ceiling 12000m. It is also 65kg heavier and 98cm longer than the IR version.

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