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Communist Republic of Fèngëdèn
Motto: Töbèröt èžénam
Anthem: Šömödén
Capital Kügefèr
Largest city Fèlet
Official languages Fèngë
Recognised regional languages Éket
Ethnic groups Fèngë, Éket
Demonym Fèngë
Membership The Köz Union
Government Communist republic
• Gápar
Xarok Über
Establishment 1141 from the establishment of the Köz Empire
• The Golden Age
~51 from the establishment
• End of the Golden Age, Eket Rebellion
21st Nökes 681
• End of the Eket Rebellion
36th Bèrkes 681
• Start of the Dark Age
• End of the Dark Age
• Revolution
• Establishment of the Köz Union

Fèngëdèn is a country in the southwestern part of Ad-Keğas continent on the planet of Kagèf and a part of the Köz Union.