Fölkswagone, more commonly known as Folkswagon, and not to be confused with Volkswagen, is a Westlandic state-owned automotive manufacturer headquartered in Haðnmuð. Folkswagon is wholly owned by the Government of Westland and is administered by the Transport Ministry. Folkwagon's products are primarily produced for domestic Westlandic consumption, however some are exported to other Left-hand drive markets such as the United Kingdom and Japan.

Folkswagon has consistantly produced quality, value vehicles for Westlandic tastes and needs sold to the customer through Folkswagon Dealerships. Currently, the Folkswagon Schuts (Shuttle) is the most popular vehicle in Westland in terms of sales between 2013-2014. Folkswagon produces vehicles domestically within Westland, and utilising Westlandic labour. Its main production line is located in Haðnmuð in the same campus as its headquarters. Other production line locations include Brikkstö and Suðamtunn.



Folkswagon's current lineup consists of the Shuts, Sivil, Box, and Statt. Folkswagon's vehicles are commonly available in petrol, diesel, flex-fuel models, and plug-in Hybrid models with the exception of the Statt, which is only available in plug-in fully electric or petrol.

Folkswagon began manufacturing automobiles in 1963, with its first model being the Schuts, which is still in production today. The Schuts was intended as a 'People's car' for Westland, like many other socialist countries at the time had produced, such as the Trabant in East Germany. The Schuts quickly became the best-selling car in Westland, both due to its value for money production and clever design which allowed it to quickly be transformed from family car, to van, and station wagon. The current model of the Schuts still retains the original's clever design, however is available with far more modern technologies and gadgets than the basic original models.

Folkswagon sells its vehicles through dealerships, which work in conjunction with the Transport Ministry, to allocate vehicles to those in dire need discounted products, while also providing full price cars for purchase. The Folkswagon Schuts is the car that is provided through the 'Vehicle Welfare' program, which leases vehicles to those in dire need, such as those living in a remote region or areas with little to no public transport coverage who need a car to be able to get around and hold a job.


  • Folkswagon Box (1985 - Current)
  • Folkswagon Schuts (1963 - Current)
  • Folkswagon Sivil (2000 - Current)
  • Folkswagon Statt (1966 - Current)
  • Folkswagon Flak-4x4 (1994 - Current)
  • Folkswagon Famili (1981 - 2014)

Name Controversy

Folkswagon throughout its lifespan, has had difficulty with both its tradename, Folkswagon, and its official name, Folkswagone, due to its similarity in both sound, and meaning, with German automobile manufacturing Volkswagen. While the logo, and products differ, they are often confused which has led to several attempts at litigation by Volkswagen, which have proved unsuccessful.

Marketing and Sales

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