Emblem and Flag of the Fӧlksmilitari
Founded 1923
Current form 1956
Service branches Fӧlksarmi
Headquarters Brikkstӧ, Westland
Commander-in-Chief Chancellor Oska Stӓrk
Chief of Defense Jönn Bannaburk
Military age 18
Conscription None
Reaching military
age annually
 The Fӧlksmilitari (Westlandic:) are the unified military forces of the Westlandic People's Republic, established in 1923 after the formation of Westland's Strassonist regime. From the start the military forces were said to be confined to the duty of protecting Westland's territory, and were not involved in foreign conflicts, this was until the Second World War when Westland was involved in Allied Military Operations, most notably, the D-Day Normandy Landings. Since the Second World War, successive Westlandic governments have kept the military under a Pacifist policy, in which they can only be utilised for protection of Westland or international peacekeeping and aid. Westland is a member of the International Order of Socialist States, which is the only military organisation it is involved in. 


The Chancellor is the Commander-in-Chief of the Fӧlksmilitari. Military authority, however, runs from the Chancellor to the cabinet-level Defence Minister and the Defence Ministry as a whole. The ability to declare war or begin a military operation is in the hands of the National Assembly of Westland by initiation of the Chancellor. 

The Chancellor and their Cabinet are advised by the Chief of Staff of the Joint Council. The Chief of Staff is the highest ranking member of the Westlandic Self Defence Forces. The Chief of Staff is currently Jönn Bannaburki.The Chief of Staff would assume command in the event of a war, but their powers are limited to advisory and defence coordination during peacetime.

Military Branches

Defence Policy

Current Policy

Pacifism and Antimilitarism