F-33 Hunter
F-33 Hunter
IAI F-33 Hunter
Role Multi-role combat aircraft
National origin 22px American Empire
Manufacturer Imperial Aerospace Industries
Designed by Imperial Aerospace Industries
First flight October 5, 2007
Introduction June 7, 2009
Primary user Imperial American Air Force
Produced 2007 - Present
Number built 158
Unit cost $178.4 million

The Imperial Aerospace Industries (IAI) F-33 Hunter is a multi-role fighter jet developed and produced for the Imperial American Air Force. It is by far one of the most advanced fighter jets of its kind, designed just after the American Empire was created. The fighter utilizes stealth in its design, but is generally classified as a multi-role fighter instead. The fighter has been slated to become the premier combat jet of the IA-AF, with mass production of the craft to begin in 2013. 158 F-33s have been produced so far, and all are currently serving in active duty within the IA-AF. No plans to sell the fighter abroad have been discussed, and considering the government's ban on military exports, it appears that will remain unchanged.

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