Type Civil liberties activism
Founded 1939
Headquarters New York City
Area served International
Key people Veronica Godwin (Director)
Services Legal services and training
Humanitarian operations
Charity foundations

FEDERAL (the Federation for Equality, Democracy, Rights and Liberties - also called FEDRL) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to "advancing civil liberties, democracy and equality" throughout the world. It is a global leading interest group at the forefront of civil rights in almost every nation, using litigation, lobbying and public rights education to achieve its goals. Founded in 1939 by three former World War I peace activists; the establishment of FEDERAL was in protest of Adolf Hitler's totalitarian policies in Germany. Its first headquarters was located in London, however, is today found in New York City, opposite the United Nations headquarters.

FEDERAL currently has over 6 million registered members worldwide, the most of which are found in North America and Western Europe. Its annual budget ranges between $500 million and $700 million, which is almost entirely donation-orientated. It offers legal assistance in most legal jurisdictions when it feels civil liberties, democracy or equality are at risk, mostly basing its arguments off international law and treaties. Representation is offered freely if the customer can prove that they cannot pay for such services. FEDERAL also lobbies and advocates for democratic reform, equality and extensive civil liberties in jurisdictions where it is allowed to do so. Where it is not, it has been alleged that FEDERAL has sent its volunteers to educated oppressed populations about natural rights.