A brief summary and glossary of the Culture of the Elves of Rauxor. 


The Fael originate from a group of Dalwaric explorers in the first age of the world. They left in an attempt to find the western border of the world, and found instead a massive forest of deciduous and coniferous trees, bordering the ocean. This exploratory group accidentally changed themselves into the Fael, and were granted with a lifespan of 900 years.This leads to many facets of Fael culture.

CULTURE-Child Rearing and Adulthood

The Fael live to be 900, and, because of this, they have lived approximately a tenth of their potential lifespan by the age of 90, when the Thravic and borgothic generation has died off. (This would be like you turning 10, and all of your neighbors who went to kindergarden with you had already died of old age and had great grandchildren) 

The Fael, for this reason, consider their children not to be adults untill the age of 50, and even then, these "adults" do not have a very high social standing. The fael still mate for life, often marrying around at around150 or 300 years old, but they have children very rarely, mainly because they don't think of such things often, and theadult Fael rarely do anything untill they are certain that they actually want to do it. 

However, the "children", those aged around 20-50, are very involved in the common yearly affairs of Rauxor, exploring, venturing, and settling. Many of this age, though physically able, are not encouraged to have children, because they are still young and foolish, and have not yet attained the wisdom in not being involved. 

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