FM129.7, often known simply as FM, is a Westlandic music radio station. It is the largest privately owned radio station in Westland, one of only few, broadcasting nationally on 129.7 MHz, with a daily listenership to rival Radjo 2. FM129.7 caters to younger generations, specialising in Contemporary pop, J-pop and Alternative rock, aswell as comedy shows and music introducing. It also broadcasts the Westlandic Hot 100 weekly on Sundays.



  • 0400-0630 Early Breakfast
  • 0630-0900 Breakfast Show 
  • 0900-1200 Mornings 
  • 1200-1500 Afernoons
  • 1500-1900 Evenings
  • 1900-2200 Late Evenings
  • 2200-0100 Rock Show 
  • 0100-0400 Introducing 


  • 0700-1000 Breakfast 
  • 1000-1300 Daytime
  • 1300-1600 Afternoons
  • 1600-1800 Evenings
  • 1800-2300 Club Anthems
  • Sundays; 1300-1600 Westland Hot 100


The radio station mainly plays contemporary music from the pop, rock, and dance genres from within Westland, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, aswell as a high level of J-pop due to its popularity in Westland. 

During the day the station broadcasts a variety of music, mostly pop and alternative centred, however in the evenings and late night, music is more specialised, with the Rock Show which primarily broadcasts rock and metal and Club Anthems which broadcasts techno, trance and electronica. 

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