Faisal ii of emirates

Faisal bin Sayed (born 12 June 1973) is the current King of the United Emirates.


Faisal was born to King Hussein and Queen Basma in the capital, Dubai. He is the couple's second child and first son. He has four brothers and sisters.

Faisal began his schooling in Dubai at the Rashid School For Boys and then continued his studies in the United Kingdom. There, he graduated from Sandhurst and later attended the London School of Economics.

In 2000 he married Nadira El-Zein. They have two children, Prince Fahad and Princess Dunia

King Faisal is an avid horse owner. He is reported to have a garage of 50 cars, including Lamborghini's and a Ferrari F70. The king is considered a fashion leader, wearing French and Europan suits, though he enjoys to wear Arabian hats.


In 2009, Faisal's father died and he took the throne. He has increased social security programs throughout the recession, earning his country the nickname "the Sweden of Arabia". During the 2011 Emirates Protests, he got greater support from his people for supporting the protesters.

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