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Violatite ("violation stone") is a form of spiritite. It is a sapphire or amethyst (or any similar-looking bluish or purplish stone) believed to be infused with the tormented souls of the dead. (Spiritite is a stone infused with a soul in general). The key here is torment or ‘violation’, from which the type of stone gets its name. Once infused, the violatite emanates a dark, purplish light. As with all enchanted objects, violatite only has its power because its practitioners believe it does.

Blood Ritual

The belief behind violatite is that one can absorb a person’s powers along with their soul into a shard of violatite by stabbing them with it, so that their blood is in contact with the stone at the moment of their death. The gemstone has to be able to pierce skin, so is generally teardrop cut or marquise cut. Generally the death is caused by another means (the gemstones generally being too small). The Vizierian practitioner seeks to inflict the most pain and anguish possible to his victim right at the moment of the victim’s death so as to maximize the power absorbed by the violatite.

The result is a stone containing the powers (domain) of the victim. In this sense it is a parasitic Way. Generally the victim is carefully chosen, and a plan for their abduction carefully arranged; the victim has to be kept alive until the ritual, and of course the practitioner must be able to carry out the abduction without being noticed if he is to be able to perform the ritual without unwelcome interruption.


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