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Vitalite ("life stone") is ruby, bloodstone or garnet (or any similar-looking reddish stone) believed to be infused with a life force of a person (or other sentient being), and can be used to absorb and transfer the life force of humans. It is a type of enchanted gemstone in that peoples' beliefs that they hold life-force gives it that property. The larger the vitalite, the faster it can absorb or dispense life force, and the more life force it can hold.


It is believed to be charged with the life force of the dying when a sharp shard of it is stabbed into the person as they’re dying, and the vitalite is in contact with the person’s blood. The vitalite then absorbs the life force instead of just having the life force “bleed out” and dissipate (as with regular deaths). When charged, vitalite glows with a reddish-pink light.

Alternatively, it can be charged by stabbing someone for a short duration, in which case it absorbs only part of that person's life force and so does not kill them, though it may take them a long time to recover. This is a very inefficient and expensive way to accumulate vitalite, for the taking of more than a sliver of life force is enough to kill a person.


When worn, vitalite automatically replenishes blood, antidotes poison, heals injuries, regrows limbs and reattaches limbs. It can also keep a person alive even when disease should have claimed their life, in which case they will constantly use up the stored vital energy to maintain their lives, which can get very expensive over time. Vitalite can cure some diseases but not most. It must not be in contact with the person’s blood, otherwise the vitalite will suck out the person’s lifeforce. Vitalite may be worn as rings or amulets, or placed atop staves making them healing rods, or consumed.

If consumed the vitalite can no longer be given to someone else (nor forcibly wrested away), nor can it be recharged. It has the advantage of instantly regenerating any injuries or lost body parts, without the need for anyone to slow down, but it also causes the person to be filled with way too much life force, causing them to become extra aggressive, daring, and careless. Should they receive enough injuries that all the stored vital energy from their ingested vitalite becomes spent, only then do they become ‘sober’.

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