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Lucky Dice

Lucky dice are dice enchanted with the ability to roll what the roller calls it to roll. Everyone ‘knows’ that dice and the like are random. But if someone is able to strongly believe that an item is lucky, and to be far more confident in it than onlookers simply thinking it’s just another pair of dice, to the point that it starts acting lucky, then onlookers will be forced to believe it too, since it’s happening right before them. And then if they use that dice along with others, it’ll roll lucky for them too, and so on. However, everyone knows that the majority of dice still aren’t lucky, so if you mix up lucky dice with normal dice – well it loses its luckiness, unless the vast majority of the dice are lucky (rather than unlucky), in which case they all turn lucky. And if they’re mixed half and half, well then whether it’s lucky depends on its initial performance the next few times anyone rolls it.

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