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Aer Manaism

                        Prerequisites are
Leads to                                    
Excitatory Manaism

Aer manaism is the belief that mana is in the very air itself, and thus anyone can draw upon, and use, the mana in the aer near them. Since the atmosphere is seemingly infinitely vast, there is no limit to the amount of mana accessible in this way, only how fast one can access it, which is about the same for each individual since each person is interacting with the air in the same way. To work spells in this faith, one breathes deeply so as to draw in the aer mana, giving practitioners the name ‘spellbreather’. For the spell to work, that aer must be released, by breathing out. This puts a decisive limit on the amount of power one can achieve using this method. It also means that one cannot hold onto the aer indefinitely, but this is generally not a problem as one can exhale and inhale again immediately thereafter. However, doing this too much will cause hyperventiliation and may cause one to lose consciousness if done without care.

With material manaism, the mana of the air can also be collected by various devices, but as it is used it becomes released back into the air.

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