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Contractual Manaism

                        Prerequisites are
Leads to                                    
Corporate Manaism
Legislative Manaism

Contractual manaism is a form of spellcontracting. It is the belief that mana can be used to write up contracts, which would cause the mana to be transmitted upon completion of those actions. This facilitates collaboration and trust between parties and thereby facilitates larger scale projects which require investment from multiple parties. It also allows for mana-based financial securities (equity, bonds, derivatives, etc), all of which are enforced by the terms of the contract (which are in turn based upon the mana-backed laws as per legislative manaism).

The concentration of mana facilitated by monetary manaism and the ability to draw upon mana of investors enabled by contractual manaism, allows for investment in large-scale mana-collecting projects such as deep-underground crystal-extracting operations. These projects are funded with mana, and are hoped to generate mana, and are therefore investments of mana. Over time, investments in such projects and infrastructure have resulted in the vast majority of mana being generated by such ‘industrial’ processes. Only the wealthy, or large corporations, have sufficient mana to field such projects, which are also the projects with the highest rate of return, hence further concentrating mana in the hands of the few.

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