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Legislative Manaism

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Legislative manaism is the belief that reality can be shaped by laws enforced by mana. This is essentially “power is where men believe it to be”. These laws are not believed to extend throughout the world, only as far as the territories believed to be under the jurisdiction of the group of lawmakers that are using this belief to make their magical laws. Neighboring territories they don’t believe to have power over - such as because those territories have sovereign sects that have comparable magical capability, or even other nations adopting legislative manaism but just with different lawmakers - will not have reality shaped by their laws.

The laws can directly alter reality, to a limited extent, but generally require a tremendous amount of mana to do so; therefore they are generally only activated in response to someone violating the law, such as automatically identifying criminals. However, since laws are subject to interpretation, the magical laws this allows are also subject to interpretation - so for example, if people in the territory do not believe that a particular action would constitute a crime, then the magical law overseeing it will not pick up on that crime, because people would believe that the magical law would not pick up on something that isn’t a crime. Hence, legislative manaism creates a new faith ‘sub-meta-magic-system’ wherein beliefs can work differently than in the rest of the world of Faith.

These magical laws are first written as bills (a la spellcontracting) and then empowered via a mana-based legislative process, resulting a regional spell/enchantment that only lasts until the mana backing up the enchantment has been depleted. Since largers nations generally would have more mana, they can grow their territories by expanding the reach of their territories into the territory of smaller nations, and where there is a territorial conflict between the two magic laws’ reach, there would be a “mana burn” where both nations’ mana becomes drained until one side abandons their claim or runs out of mana - this of course favors the more mana-rich nation. The targeted nation would have little opportunity to fight back as the aggressor nation can create magical laws to subjugate the militaries of the lesser nation, once it has taken the territory in the process of mana burn.

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