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Shamanism is the belief that by reaching altered states of consciousness one can channel “magical” energies. Generally this entails that one can only work magic while in this state, and can do so more powerfully the “deeper” in this altered state they are. Generally certain chants, arts, dances or songs, or meditations are required to bring one into this state, and it is not a state that just anyone can enter, often requiring significant training and the right environment. The more complex these ‘trappings’, the more effective the effect on spellworking, but the harder or more expensive it is to satisfy the conditions that the ritual requires.

Spellworking systems derived from shamanism tend to focus more on the spellworker’s emotions than more ‘objectivist’ approaches such as manaism.

The belief is almost as old as humanity itself and it can be found in some form or other throughout the entire world.

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