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Spirititism is belief in spiritite, and is what makes spiritite exist. It is the belief that souls can be trapped within certain gemstones.


Spiritite ("spirit stone") is any gemstone (most often white, gray or blue) believed to be infused with a soul of a dead person (or other sentient being).

1-carat spiritite (about the size of a gemstone on a ring) is capable of holding one person’s soul. Larger, higher-carat spiritite can hold correspondingly more souls.

Spiritite is a perpetual energy device in that it continually generates light, without any energy being charged into it. This is the easiest way to distinguish between spiritite (charged) and ordinary gemstones that might look similar. Additionally, it is understood that the light will change patterns, dim or brighten in accordance with the emotions of the soul within.


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