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Thaumetic Dualism

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Thaumetic dualism is the belief that each person’s ability to work spells has two halves, one half positive (which is used for working spells, altering reality) and one half negative (which is used for resisting spells, keeping the world as is). When a person works magic, then, the negative half of their ability is inert, so that at any one time they are only using half of their ability. Generally though a spellworker believes that they are simply using their power, without any thought to the negative half - and of course that means they cannot use their other half. Hence, belief in this idea can be considered a shift to an alternate faith paradigm, one superior to the default, though far less intuitive and thus far harder to believe.

One who truly believes in thaumetic dualism is then able to “tap into” the target spellworker’s unused, negative half, and use that to diametrically oppose their positive half, and thus prevent the working of any spell that spellworker would otherwise be able to work, regardless of the power differential between the two. Then, the believer can work his own spells, and when the target tries to resist it, the believer can activate the target’s positive half to counter his negative half, whilst his own spell succeeds. Therefore, this paradigm allows one to utterly dominate another spellworker.

Furthermore, when applied to any quantized system of spellworking, such as mana, this application essentially burns through that mana, as half of the mana is used to oppose the other half - and to do so without using any of the believer’s own mana.

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