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Vital Manaism

Vitalism is the belief that all living beings store various amounts of a quantity of vita (vital force). This vital force can then be extracted, to use to heal others. Generally, smaller life forms hold less vita, and slower-moving (or nonmoving, such as plants) life forms even less still, which means healing a person may require killing a good number of trees in the process, or an even larger area of grass. In its weaker forms a spellworker must use physical contact of some means (such as vitalite) to extract this vita. In its stronger forms a spellworker can extract vita from all the life around him, leaving behind roughly circular patches of dead land where they work their magic.

Since injured and sick people often recover, vita within living organisms is believed to recover slowly over time provided they survive, which means that with enough time and patience, one can draw out more vita from any given lifeform than the lifeform could have at any one time (its capacity).

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