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Abominations are horrifically deformed or twisted beings. They are believed to be created when a spellworker attempts to create new sentient life - though this only happens some of the time, and is believed to happen more frequently for spellworkers who are doing this for the first time as they are believed to not know how to do it “correctly”. Abominations thus resemble in some uncanny way whatever being the spellworker was attempting to create, being made of the same material and the same amount thereof, but in a different way. The abomination is most likely hostile to anything and everything near it, including its creator, and will proceed to use its sentience to work malevolent spells (assuming its creator endowed it with profound magical capability) in an attempt to kill its creator and then to put an end to its own suffering, but until then, it is a screaming, tormented wretch that cannot be communicated with.

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