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A great many faiths are couched in a cloak of ancient verity. While some of the fortufacted faiths certainly have old origins, many manufacted faiths of more recent origin also claim histories of several hundreds or even thousands of years past, so far back that their origins and even many of the stories of their great successes have been lost from memory and reduced to myth. Each of these approaches go to great lengths to promulgate their stories, and hence the implications of the veracity of their approach, to all the corners of the world, so the stories of these approaches are well known the world over. The idea being, by having the faith "antiquate" itself in this way, people that subscribe to the approach will have a subconscious more likely to believe that their approach is true and will work if those people are led to believe – by ideas pervading the environment - that the approaches are true and that they have demonstrably worked. But in truth, the origins of all of these approaches are lies, sown by founders long forgotten, some of which knew that they would never be able to trick their own minds with their approaches and thus couldn’t use them to unlock their powers, yet who did so nonetheless so that one day their followers would truly become able to use their approaches, as they are used ‘today’.

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