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Hypnosis and Stilling

People can be hypnotized, or otherwise convinced, into believing that they can or cannot will magic. On the untested, positive hypnotism is used to increase the the chances that their first willing will be successful. Negative hypnotism techniques are also used on children within certain ‘antimagic’ societies to convince their subconscious that they cannot use magic. This constitutes a baptism ritual of sorts within certain religious faiths, where a version of this stilling process is used on children, causing them to believe that they cannot will but can still pray to a deity for aid – thereby rendering it impossible for these children to successfully will magic as any other kind of spellwiller or spellworker, leaving the only path as prayer via a religion or via conjuration. Captured criminals are ‘stilled’ by being drugged with a chemical that makes them highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion (so that it would still work despite them not wanting to believe it); this renders them unable to will magic. As can be imagined, such a thing can be a very traumatizing experience. Negative hypnotism can be countered with positive hypnotism, though negative hypnotism tends to win out nevertheless because they are far more well known in society due to this baptism process. Negative hypnotism is also reinforced/solidified by having the subject attempt to will magic even during the hypnotism session, as this is when they are least likely to succeed at willing, thus giving an example of their own failure to further consolidate their subconscious belief that they have now been stilled.

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