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Mental Exercises

Various ‘novice exercises’ (essentially meditations) are useful for boosting one’s confidence (as confidence has a direct impact on whether one’s faith in a magic effect is adequate). Examples: Focusing on one’s personal well-being. Thinking about your overall personal strength. Recalling all the times when you’ve succeeded and thus boost your confidence (especially if these instances are with magic); and writing these down. Recalling all the times when you’ve failed and (this is important) knowing how you’ve grown since then to help you overcome those issues (this is particularly useful for when you’re re-attempting magic that you’ve failed at before, as your subconscious will still have that ‘wound’). Thinking of how you’ve grown since then. Thinking of past failures and forcing oneself to name the aspects of that situation that still went right. Looking in the mirror and identifying several things you see of yourself that make you feel good or successful. The positive effects of these effects tend to linger for a while. So it will be also helpful to continously be mindful and trying to be more positive. Once a person has built up enough success through the help of these mental exercises, it may no longer be necessary to use them. However, if a person abandons them too early, they may not actually have achieved sufficient confidence, and suffer a ‘confidence backlash’ as a result, where they will be trapped into thinking that they have to perform these mental exercises before willing magic else it won’t be successful.

Secret Techniques: Because the meditative techniques used to bolster one’s own confidence is so important to success in spellcasting, organizations that survive usually do so because they have superior meditative techniques that allow their willfuls to out-faith those of other organizations. Hence it is important that they keep it a secret. The practice is pervasive enough that you can safely assume that any well-established organization has a body of its own well-established meditative techniques, available only to its members. Generally, they will have more than one variant, with the more useful ones restricted to only a few members. Different techniques will only be useful for a particular style of willing; this helps to ensure that even if the technique gets stolen, it is useless except to those within that organization.

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