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Learned Megalomania: Those afflicted with megalomania (a mental disorder) have delusions of power and omnipotence and importance, such as the messiah complex. Their faith in their power and their will is such that they are among the most powerful willers, able to defeat other natural willers; and their sense of their own importance makes them able to shrug off what would otherwise be dangerous, perhaps lethal blows, making them difficult to defeat. Because they are so abnormal, people generally do not imagine it possible for newborns to become megalomaniacs, so this does not arise naturally. However, one can alter reality to foster megalomania in individuals (though it does not work well on oneself, due to the self-derogation rule). People are not likely to promote other people into becoming a powerhouse without good reason or the expectation of benefiting from that. It is always a risky endeavor to try to create a megalomaniac, as one never knows just how that person might turn out; they may turn out corrupted or selfish, and that could cause grave harm in the world.

Trials of Ascension: Some people have made it their life’s mission to prevent the rise of megalomaniacs. They posit ‘trials’ which anyone who is truly capable would be able to overcome; and set traps along the way, hoping to take out the supremely self-confident. These Trials of Ascension, which are set upon a pilgrimage route called the Path of Ascension, are of course designed to be dangerous. With these rumors spread, any would-be megalomaniacs would be tempered by the knowledge that they hadn’t completed these trials, and so aren’t actually all that important and powerful as they claim - not until they’ve conquered these trials, at least. Megalomaniacs who shy away from the challenge would essentially cease to be megalomaniacs. But those who pass the trials would have their megalomania bolstered by having passed these trials, and so in some cases they become stepping-stones on the path to veritable god-hood.