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Suppression of Ideas

In the world of Faith, ideas are particularly dangerous. A belief that a way of spellworking does not work or has drawbacks will have potentially devastating consequences to any sect that uses that way. Hence, sects do what they can to suppress the ideas considered damaging to their faith, and in so doing they keep their own faith system alive.

This can involve spreading rumors or memes of their own about those who would speak of such problematic ideas (called harbingers), or propaganda against them; and with the might of the sect behind it this often works to devastating effect, ruining those who would seek to weaken the sect. It can also involve the declaration that such peoples are enemies of the state/sect, or are apostates/heretics, and must be captured and/or killed whenever and wherever they are found; infiltrating them or torturing captives to learn more about the harbingers’ organization. A faith that can suppress harbingers and/or make people disbelieve what the harbingers has to say, is a faith that will survive; and a harbinger faith that is able to survive this onslaught will go on to spread and bring down the earlier faith. And so ideas fight wars for their survival.

Because this suppression must be done without people learning more about the idea, oftentimes the idea’s name is used but it is entirely referred to in a negative light - generally presented as something else that people would not want believe, by making it seem as if the idea claims something preposterous. In this way the sect can get such ideas dismissed out of hand, and ‘immunize’ them against harbingers for those ideas.

Sects will often collaborate with other sects to crack down on those spreading ideas they disapprove of, and if other sects don’t like them they may actively work to support those harbingers to undermine the sect. Large sects might fight proxy wars on behalf of other similar sects struggling against an insurrection of harbingers of their own, and so on.

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