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Enchanting Other People

This relies on a person, from a position of authority, telling another person that they have now been enchanted with some characteristic (or in rare situations, that some prior event or person or object had enchanted them – this won’t work if the enchantment obviously should have triggered at some time in the past but didn’t, at which point the receiving person’s subconscious will recognize it as a lie). This can be used by a supremely confident person to tell another person that they will serve him/her utterly, for example; as long as the receiving person believes the claim, it will be true and they will actually be bound to do this. And the longer it lasts the stronger their belief in it being so, and the stronger the enchantment becomes. This harkens to that ‘you only let the curse take hold of you if you believe it’ concept. The enchantment draws on the enchanted person’s own subconscious belief to take effect. It will work to different likelihoods of success depending on the gullibility or convinceability of that person’s subsconscious.

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