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Miracles are a result of spellworking not by an individual, but by a group of people who are not even aware of the collaboration; in other words, unorganized, crowd-sourced magic. In some cases such as after a disaster or accident, it may be the result of the prayer of numerous members in the vicinity giving them the expectation that something positive would come of it; even though it may be obvious to them that they were praying for a good event, it may be that such events nonetheless happen so infrequently that when they do they are thought of as miracles. Miracles tend to happen more often in places where the prevailing faith is that there are deities looking out for them who would beget these miracles independently of any actions being taken by people.

The term however could also be applied to situations where magic happens through the will or work of some one person but they’re not identified, in which case it’s similar to sorcery.

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