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Facilitating Devices

Some of these organizations also involve the use of incantations, songs, dances, or other rituals as an aid in convincing the subsconscious that they can succeed in the willing, just by convincing themselves that ‘all these actions must really do something’. Of course, in truth these are just in the motions, they do not truly enable or enhance magic; they just facilitate the belief in one’s potency, and that is all that matters. Of course, the use of these devices is a weakness; after all, a person who must draw elaborate magic circles pales in comparison with a person who wills magic with just a thought, as the latter can do much more complex magic and do it in a much more timely manner. Will Academy uses these facilitative devices a great deal, as it enables those who have failed in the willing of certain magics to try something different, having convinced their subconscious that ‘just because I can’t will using incantations doesn’t mean I can’t will using other rituals’, etc. People tend to have varying degrees of success with these types; and thus you get incanters, willsingers, willdancers, ritualists, etc.

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