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Different faiths describe different fates after death. Some may posit reincarnation; others may posit a heaven; others a hell; and still others posit nothingness, etc. Some may believe that death itself is a pivotal moment which the dying sentience itself is most aware of (even though a dying sentience loses awareness, in its last moments it is aware that is dying). Hence its own faith in the matter has the greatest impact on its existence after death. Hence a believer of a faith that souls go to heaven after death, will wind up in heaven. But others may have the faith that a dying sentience is unaware of death, and only the living are, and thus, it is the belief of those still living that determines life after death. In which case, should other people believe a heathen will go to hell, that’s exactly where the heathen will wind up - and hence, a missionary spreading a religion of damnation is the one going around doing the damning. These alternate planes of reality are generally poorly defined (despite the descriptions in religious texts) and so everyone winds up experiencing their own version of these planes. And you can never be sure whether all those other sentiences are real or are just figments of your faith - just as you can never be sure whether the world of the living is populated by real sentiences or just figments of your faith.

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