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Reality only exists insofar as there are minds capable of experiencing it.

As an example - the old adage, “does a tree make a sound when it falls in the forest, if no one is around to hear it?” in this case would be, if no one knows about anything in the forest, the forest, including the tree, doesn’t exist, and so it can’t fall and won’t make a sound. But the fact that a forest is located there may remain in peoples’ minds, so that when someone next goes there, they will see a forest, and not some other environment; and they will see trees, for a forest has trees; but which trees and where those trees are would be random, and different from the forest as experienced by another. The more a person pays attention to and remembers the forest as he passes through, the more details his mind will be aware of, and when he next returns to the forest, the more of the forest will be the same as before. Then when another person enters the forest, he will experience the forest as defined by the details in the first person’s memory; and so this second person’s memory of the forest will match the first person’s memory for all the details of the forest that they had both experienced. Now, if the forest is heavily used, many people will hold details of the forest in their mind, allowing for a shared experience of the forest, without discrepancies, across all those people, and for anyone new who enters the forest.

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