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Subjective Reality: Everything about the world - including the basic laws of physics and nature, cause and effect, of the faiths themselves, of individuals and things - is determined by faith - specifically, the faith that is the strongest, as per the axiom of summation of faith, for each particular aspect of the world. This means that there are precious few absolute laws governing reality; everything is up to reality-alteration by faith. So in the case of cause and effect, nonsensical cause-effect relationships exist, and for different people and in different places they may be different and contradictory - after all, that is what makes magic possible in the world of Faith; magic would seem to be a non-sequitur, since the cause and effect seem logically unrelated and physically irrelevant; except it is not a non-sequitur, because of the fundamental tenet, the Foundation of reality, and peoples’ associated faiths. In other words, the faith in the power of faith, enables faith to bring about a cause and effect relationship that otherwise shouldn’t be possible.

Subjective Building Blocks: The subjective nature of reality means that reality isn’t what it is because of the underlying building blocks (ie atoms, electronegativity, chemistry) and the resulting world that creates, but because the world was posited, or envisioned, as thus. Reality is defined at the human-interaction level, and peering into the building blocks of things merely introduces further complexities into the observer’s perception of reality, but will not lead to any fundamental truth being discovered, for there are none. It means that minds and sentiences exist because they are believed to exist, and the parts of the mind are thus because they must be in order for the minds to be thus; and not that minds and sentiences exist because of what the mind is made of. In this sense, trying to analyze larger objects based on smaller ones, is an exercise in futility. The world of Faith is a dream-world, one that exists only because sentient beings in it believe it to exist.

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