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Faith: aka belief. Any belief (factual claim) a person has about anything, which can potentially change reality. See introduction.

Reality: Reality in the world of Faith is subjective. See section on reality.

Meme: A faith or idea that is able to self-perpetuate and spread memetically from person to person because of the effects of peoples’ belief in that faith or idea.

Fortufacted: Describes a religion that arose naturally, due to noncontingent conditioning. These religions don’t have any specific person starting them.

Manufacted: Describes a religion that was artificially created by someone.

Magic: aka alteration of reality. Any act of faith that alters something about reality. adj: magical.

Spell: An alteration of reality. adj: spelled.

Spelled: Describes an aspect of reality that the speaker implies is intentionally altered. Things that obviously are enchanted fall in this category, but this term is also applied to things that someone believes “just isn’t natural” or “shouldn’t be so”; since the magical is the real, there is no hard distinction between the two.

Speller: Any person who can alter reality; can be either spellwillers or spellworkers. v: Spelling.

Spellwiller: aka ‘willer. Any person who can outright alter reality, at least to some extent, by will alone.v: Spellwilling.

Spellworker: Any person who cannot outright alter reality by mere will, and must rely on other means (“work”) to bring about this change. v: Spellworking.

Spell-verb-er: A person who uses <verb> as the means by which to alter reality. v: Spell<verb>ing.

Nexus: A group or organization that empowers a faith and its attendant magics, generally the peoples who already believe in its veracity and efficacy.

Locus: Where one believes power - especially magical power - lies. Priests for example have their deities as their locus, whereas spellwillers have themselves as their locus.

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