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Spellbiding is a comparatively passive form of magic where one believes, essentially, that ‘the world will take care of things in its own way’. The very presence of people with this belief in turn causes various magical effects to happen. As per their faith, these 'miracles' are generally of the 'restores-balance' type effects. They may not consciously recognize that they are willing something to happen; therefore, neither does their subconscious. It also means that the magical effects that happen are of the kind that is rather subtle, able to ‘blend into’ the mundane background. Which means that use of this form of magic is never flashy, never unbelievable, and never particularly powerful. Because their individual effects are weak, users cannot engage directly in combat, choosing rather to work over the course of the long-term, gradually changing things toward what they view as the 'balance' through the accumulation of many smaller effects.

Because the users of this form of magic do not think of themselves as willing these effects, their subconscious never gets to know whether they are potent or not; successes don’t make further success more likely, and failures don’t render the users impotent.

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